Hi! I’m Patrice Patrick, and I founded Together Good Co. in 2017…

I’m a celebrity VIP, green room, dressing room & production manager for television and music festival events, and I have been for over 10 years. In addition, I’ve been searching out and bringing new brands and products to this unique backstage event experience.

At the heart of Together Good Co. is hospitality. I love helping brands connect and find their home with an audience and gain unique exposure and engagement in the world of entertainment. And I love when guests and celebrities have an incredible backstage experience in their exclusive spaces because of new and unique brands.


My love for delicious health conscious snacks, wellness and beauty, hospitality, service, beautiful and natural things, gift baskets, floral arrangements, and mentoring newcomers and event professionals in the entertainment field culminates in Together Good Co.

There's part of an ancient saying that says 'all things work together for good.' And that's what I truly believe. That's in fact how I got the name for Together Good Co.

When brands such as KIND snacks, POP chips, and Sprinkles Cupcakes were relatively unknown to the masses a few years back, they were getting quite familiar to backstage audiences via celebrity dressing rooms at my shows—Shows like, the MTV Movie Awards and the Grammys. Now these brands are a household name. And I love it! They’ve found a home with their audience!

Whether it’s curating a dressing room experience for Peyton Manning, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Denzel Washington, Oprah, George Clooney, Kylie Jenner, Thomas Rhett, Chris Stapleton, Tim McGraw, Coldplay, Kevin Hart, Ed Sheeran, or Beyoncé. I’ve truly enjoyed the honor and the challenge behind each one.

To say the least, I’m a bit obsessed with food and hospitality, but when I’m not working an event, almost every Sunday and Thursday you can catch me country dancing – (I know! I can barely believe it either, since I grew up on R&B and Soul music) but yes, country line dancing...And If you stick around a bit, you’ll definitely see some country dancing proof and gain some fun backstage insight!

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Favorite Green Room I’ve managed: The ESPYS Awards (Athletes are so nice!)

Favorite Dressing Rooms I’ve managed: The Grammy Awards (Managing over 70 dressing room spaces is not for the faint of heart!)

Favorite Venues to manage Dressing Rooms: The Forum & The Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles

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My Backstage World Consists Of These Spaces…

Green Room: "A room in a theater or studio in which performers can relax when they are not performing.” (www.dictionary.com)  A space that is usually occupied by multiple performers at one time.

Dressing Room
A space in which a performer can prepare and get focused before performing.  The dressing room becomes a temporary sanctuary for the performer. Often a performer will have their hair and make-up done in this area as well as any wardrobe changes. Any specific food and drink requests are placed in this space for the performer as well.

VIP Room
An exclusive room similar to a green room, but may include executives, or a specific group connected with the event (Artists’ Guests, Sponsors, etc.) in addition to performers.