Top 4 Backstage Requests...

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As you know, I’ve had the privilege of setting up hundreds and hundreds of celebrity dressing rooms and VIP spaces over the years.

From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder to Kanye to my beloved Backstreet Boys and so many other artists in between!

This was a niche that I never intended on making a career out of. But I had some amazing mentors along the way cheering me on, and I’ve been able to work consistently in this industry for over a decade!

Because of my interaction with so many different celebs, I often get asked, what do they ask for backstage and prefer, or who backstage has been my favorite celeb to work with?

Well first, let me answer the latter. My favorite celebrity to work with backstage…

As you know, Kindness is a main staple over here at Together Good Co. So any celebrity that I’ve worked with, that exudes kindness backstage will automatically become my current favorite.

But let’s talk about what celebrities and VIPs like backstage.

Over the years, there’s been a pattern that I’ve noticed.

The requests usually center around the same 4 things.

My Together Good Co. shoppers know…and now you’ll know too!


So here we go, the Top 4 Backstage Requests:


1.    High End Water

I know what you’re probably thinking. Water is water, Patrice.


Put it this way, all water is not manufactured equally. And with that said, be prepared to get a high end spring water or a water with a relatively high +pH balance…and if the water brand is eco-friendly, well you might have just hit the jackpot!

Water is always needed backstage for a variety of reasons. Whether that’s for normal consumption, to fill a hot-pot, to have near stage, to fill a humidifier, for a wardrobe steamer (distilled water to be specific) or so many other scenarios— especially if you’re talking about an event with multiple performers, artists, and crew.


2.    Towels

This may get overlooked, but especially if you have a performer, whether male of female, chances are they’ll make a request for at least 6-12 hand towels. Often “washedbefore being placed in their dressing room– Yes. This is a thing.

Brand new towels often shed, so artists and VIPs, will often preface that they want their towels washed before they go to use them in their dressing room spaces.


3.    Adult Beverages

Yep. Almost on every formal written celebrity request (also known as a “Rider”) that I’ve seen, there’s been some type of beer, wine, or hard liquor.

So when you’re managing an event or show, be prepared to carve out a decent budget for these costlier hospitality items.


4.    Platters

Across all genres of artists, performers, corporate executives, and VIPs, there has almost always been a request for one of the following:

1.     Fruit Platter

2.     Veggie Platter

3.     Cheese Platter

4.     Deli/Meat Platter


Want to get more insider tips and see examples of dressing rooms  & VIP spaces prepared for a celebrity backstage?

Check out this link here:

5 Things I Learned Working Events in Hollywood:

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I’ve always loved special events as long as I can remember.

I went to a small Christian school growing up and had the same classmates from age 5 to age 18. Our graduating class was about 36 kids…

I share that because I have a unique experience when it comes to community and gathering people together.

There were 3 major events that we all looked forward to while going to school:

Homecoming, Winter Banquet, and Spring Formal

The Winter Banquet was open to junior high schoolers-- those beautifully awkward 12 and 13 year olds having a “Fancy Dinner” at a local hotel banquet room on Valentine’s Day.

Not only was I excited to dress up and attend, I was excited to have the opportunity to be on the planning committee.

And thus, at 12 years old, I remember getting on the phone with my first hotel and catering vendor. Maybe I sounded like a grown woman on the phone? I doubt it. Ha!

But she took that 12 year old Patrice seriously as I asked her specific questions about the meal options.

Fast forward to my high school years where I took a lead role in planning our multiple-day Spring Formal in Southern California.

It was exhilarating and a massive challenge, but all worth it when my classmates had one of the best nights of their lives. As did I.

I was hooked.

I would later go on to nurture my love of storytelling as an English major and later a filmmaker at film school.

And through it all, my love of events never waned.

When I fell back into the world of television production, I noticed that there were a great deal of similarities and crossover, with the traditional event-planning world.

So without further ado, here are 5 Things I learned working events in Hollywood:

1.   Budget – When you think of television, you may think of an entity that has an endless supply of finances and resources. Um. Nope.

Budget is still king in the world of television and in the world of events. But one of my favorite quotes by the extraordinary filmmaker Orson Welles: “The absence of limitations is the enemy of art” – meaning, having a budget often forces you to get a bit more creative than you normally would. Which in turn, can create something incredibly stunning—something that might not have exited otherwise.

2.   Hospitality – Everyone deserves kindness. Even more so, it seems as though everyone is starved for authentic kindness these days.

I was raised on the idea of always giving a “Thank You” card after receiving a gift or a special opportunity.

In dealing with clients in Hollywood and in the events world, a Thank You card and gift goes a long way!

I’m convinced that I got my first few TV jobs and referrals, simply because I gave a sincere gift and a thank you card to the person who “opened a door” for me or who I had the privilege of working under.


3.   Patience – I know.

When you think of the fast pace of the TV and Events world, the last thing you may think of is patience.

But I’ve learned to not get discouraged when things don’t happen right away or within my preferred timeline.

Often there are unexpected delays or certain things that simply fall through, but I’ve realized if I just wait a beat, it’s amazing how at the end of the day, the event or live TV show still happens. It may not happen perfectly (giving you new insight on what to avoid in the future) but the event and the show will almost always go on.


4.   Team Work – Yes….it makes the DREAM WORK.

When you can develop a signature way in which to do your role within TV or events, it’s even better when you can share and teach others around you, your methods. Giving them insight, and giving you a strong team that you can trust to get things done efficiently and within the culture/attitude you foster and are known for.

I love that I don’t have to micro-manage my freelance team. They’ve all worked with me enough to know how to be proactive in a way that is also kind, professional, creative, and fun.


5.   Administration is Producing – Yeah. Let me explain that.

For some reason, the word “administration” or “admin” has the connotation that it’s simply entry level work. Ummm. Naw fam.

From producing events from scratch to production managing and talent hospitality managing, do you know what they all have in common?


If you feel a little weak in your organizational game,  you definitely may want to increase it OR find the necessary support that can help you streamline your admin and organization for an event or other company operations you may have.

On a live TV show, you’ll often have the position of a “Line producer”, one who helps to manage (execute admin duties) for the entire budget of a show (we are talking millions of dollars) – There may be excel grids or producing software incorporated, but all to say….doesn’t s this sound a lot like “highly advanced administrative skills”?

And although line producers on this high level often get to negotiate costs with vendors and work directly with the executive producers, they are not always (or if at all ) a part of the full creative aspect of the end product or final event, but often they can be.

This streamlined way of admin and organization for an event is vital. The speed in which a live TV show is produced is quite something. And to make sure the finances are handled above board are of the highest priority.

To give you an example: In the past, I’ve been hired by a line producer to simply file, process, and follow-up on all vendor invoices (100+) – this producer knew that by having my position (a manager of sorts), it would greatly eliminate any gaps of vendors being paid, and would help to accurately reflect current budget spending. Not to mention the wrap-out of the event would be relatively stress free for the event producer, as everything has been filed and put in order with current payment info and status, while the producer is free to engage in client follow-up and prep for additional future events with much more ease.

 As event producers and TV producers, we often try and do it all ourselves, as a badge of honor. But as your events get larger, and your clientele more upscale, you’ll definitely want certain new positions in place, to help streamline your workflow and your peace of mind.


So these are some of the valuable things I’ve learned working Events in Hollywood!


Have more questions?

Or want to know how I might be able to support one of your events or event venue in the future?

Feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

Or you can visit me on Instagram!

I’m always responding to DMs!

Until we chat again!


Walkie Talkies: How We Communicate in T.V. Production & Events

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Walkie Talkie: “A portable 2-way radio” – Google dictionary


This is a true story …I put on my Christmas list as a young girl:

 “Walkie Talkies” 

And wouldn’t you know it, my parents actually got me a walkie-talkie set!

I was in 7th heaven!

I couldn’t explain to you where my obsession with walkie talkies came from at the time, but little did I know that I would spend the entirety of my adult career with a walkie talkie in my hand! So crazy!

It’s one of the SURE things you’ll find backstage on a T.V. set and any large scale event.

Each department working backstage, spread over a large space, needs a quick and concise way to communicate with the other people in their department and across other departments. And walkie talkies get the job done.

 Example walkie channels:

·      Production

·      Security

·      Open

·      Staging

·      Lighting

·      Talent

·      Dressing Rooms

·      EMT

If you are planning a large event, look into some local vendors that are able to rent you a walkie talkie package. Be sure to let them know your rental dates, venue, how many staff members will need a walkie, and how many headsets or earpieces you may need to accompany the walkies.

And if you are new to the whole TV production and events world, and you’re not quite sure what to do with a walkie talkie when it’s in your hand, you may want to download my free go-to walkie talkie-guide!

To download my easy pro-tip walkie guide--that will have you communicating clearly and efficiently in the midst of almost any crazy event, click below:


5 Classic Ways To See (& Even Meet!) Celebrities in Hollywood

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I shouldn’t be telling you this.

Like I seriously shouldn’t be telling you this….

But before I started working in the world of television and events professionally, I was the girl who could ever so cleverly talk her way backstage.

We are talking about celebrity after-parties, exclusive galas, award shows, and private rehearsals.

So yes, I was able to see (and sometimes meet) just about every celebrity I could have ever dreamed of.

I know, it’s a gift.  But it’s one that I’m willing to share…

But before we go any further, let me clarify something for us when it comes to celebrity culture.

It wasn’t simply about chasing after famous people for me. Rather it was a fun and crazy adventure (with my college best friend- Hi Meghann!). But even deeper than that, it was a way to see and connect with the people, the artists, the dancers, and the performers who were inspiring me at the time and gave me fuel to pursue my own dreams.

Many of those, of whom I had the honor of meeting in person, left an incredible impression on my soul.

Little did I know that my fun adventures would lead me to a career in the world of entertainment!

And now, I get so much joy in seeing others meet the people that have moved them, inspired, encouraged them to keep going when the storms of life hit, or simply remind them of dreaming like a kid again.

So when you are standing face to face, with one of your heroes, just remember, they have a full backstory that you may not even be aware of in that moment.  Be kind and gracious. And let the impact of that moment hit your soul and inspire you to do something extraordinary with your life.

Fun freebie: Also remember, the ticket taker, the janitor, the backstage producer, etc. all deserve your kindness, not just your celebrity hero.

Trust me, the journey will be that much sweeter when you extend grace and compassion to all those around you in the journey.

Now, the tips I’m sharing below are all things I’ve actually done personally. So I’m not just telling you something abstract or theoretical, but something real, so handle with care and of course a hopeful and expectant heart.

And now, on to those…

5 Classic Ways to See (& Even Meet!) Celebrities in Hollywood:


1.     Go to “Live Events”!

In Hollywood and Los Angeles, there are a variety of “Live Events”: Movie Premieres, Award Shows, Theatre, Comedy Shows, Sporting Events, Red Carpets, TV Show Tapings, etc.

I find that live events, particularly concerts are a great way to meet your favorite music celebs.

My favorite thing about concerts: “Meet & Greet” & “VIP Packages

Do you know what those are? Oh, my goodness, they are so lovely!

A musician or music act will often hold a “Meet & Greet” before their concert., so you’ll have a chance to see, connect, and often take a photo with your favorites!

The next time you go to an event of your favorite performer (especially in Los Angeles), double check to see if they are doing a meet and greet package.

(*To note, these packages can get priceyyyy)


2.    Become a Seatfiller!

You know those fun and swanky award shows you see on TV or online (VMAs, BET Awards, Grammys, etc.)? Well they almost always have a live audience present to help fill in the seating gaps in an audience.

So you could literally be sitting next to your favorite celeb as well as enjoying a great show for free!

To become a Seatfiller while you’re in Los Angeles, click the link here:


3.    Join a Studio Audience for Free!

Oh my goodness, some of my happiest moments were bringing a group of friends and being a part of a live studio audience for a TV show that I loved watching or sitting in on a night time talk show, and seeing how things worked “backstage” and catching some very cool celeb interviews and funny opening monologues from the host.

Interested in being a part of a studio audience for Free.99…Click the link below:


4.    Rehearsals:

Before a concert or music festival starts, there are usually rehearsals that will take place at the venue earlier in the day or even days prior to the event day.

I often see countless fans lining up early in the day at a venue to try and get a glimpse of their favorite performer.

So depending on how dedicated you are…you could patiently wait near the venue to get a glimpse of your favorite celeb.

5.     Work Backstage at an Event or Your Local Event Venue:

 Every year, as April approaches in Southern California, I think of Coachella and Stagecoach- two of of the most popular music festivals in California. 

To give you an idea of how large these music festivals are:

Coachella in 2017 had an attendance of 250,000 people in 2017* over two consecutive weekends

Stagecoach, the largest and highest grossing country music festival in the world, had an attendance of 75,000 people**.

With attendance numbers like that, I also think of the hundreds of staff members (both temporary and permanent) it takes to make events like these successful.

Your city may not have large music festivals, but perhaps the next largest city next to your does.

Or perhaps your city has a performing arts theatre--Or another type of event venue.

Not only will you learn skills for working backstage and managing events, you might just meet the celebrity and upcoming talent of tomorrow.

And how cool is it to be a part of someone’s journey from the beginning?


Now Super Important & To Note:

If you do choose to start working in the world of events and entertainment, a high level of professionalism will be required of you (and in most cases, a background check). So no fan-girling and selfies of you with every celebrity you may come across. You’ll first be there to do a job and to do it well.

The above paragraph is my fun (yet serious) disclaimer to those of you who may be tempted to get weird with the advice I’ve shared in this post. *stares at you intently* - This post is not a means to cross respectful boundaries with celebrities, but rather to know and be honoring of any boundaries they might have in place, while allowing you some fun adventures in Hollywood.

And now that we have that out of the way! Keep me posted on any fun Los Angeles adventures you might have as a result of this blog post!


You can find me on Instagram: @togethergoodco

(And yep, I check those DMs….)


Interested in starting to work backstage at your local venues or even Los Angeles? Need some pro-tips if you’re event planner? Click the button below for more info!




Bonus: It’s always helpful to have a calendar of events, so you know what’s happening in LA or in your hometown: 1iota, Eventful, and Ticketmaster, all usually keep me up-to-date regarding the events happening in the Hollywood that I’m not actually working :)


OR…. if you’re interested in finding out the events that I’m actually working on,

click the link below:







5 Things You Need to Know About Together Good Co.

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The first year my company was in existence, my elevator pitch was HORRIBLE.

“So we know that you work in T.V. production, Patrice, but what is your company Together Good Co. about?? What does it DO?

*Cue my panic face*

“Well, it….uh….encompasses….is like an umbrella….”

Did I just say an umbrella? Wait, what was I even saying?

But I won’t make you go through my full awkward explanation from my early days.

Instead, I’ll give you the 5 things you need to know about my company Together Good Co., and how it involves you!

1. Together Good Co. has 3 Main Focus Areas:

This is where it gets fun.

Together Good Co. doesn’t simply offer one service or one product, but rather 3 distinct areas of focus which encompass different services and offerings.

I learned early on, that the niche area of events and T.V. production that I had been a part of, for over a decade was unique, but the skillsets were transferable to a variety of different work fields.

Let’s look at these categories of Together Good Co. in brief:

2.     Together Good Co. is about T.V. & Events Production

My company (or my services) will often be hired by production companies to fulfill a particular management or coordinating role in the course of producing an event.

I’ve had the joy and privilege of mentoring people throughout the years, all with different work backgrounds-- those that either wanted to start a career in events or simply wanted to get their feet wet in the world of T.V. Production and backstage work.


3.    Together Good Co. is about Celebrity Hospitality

Together Good Co. has over a decade of experience preparing and managing dressing rooms, green rooms, and VIP rooms for high profile celebrities, at some of the top television and award shows in the world.

I just love good hospitality and thoughtfulness! This aspect of treating people with dignity and a high level of kindness is at the heart of Together Good Co.

4.     Together Good Co. is about…Brand Integration

When it comes to bringing an incredible celebrity experience, I rely on innovative and creative brands to help me set the atmosphere.

I love working with a variety of healthy, snack, beverage, and style brands to give them exposure in front of celebrities-- As well as providing a fun and unique experience for some of our favorite artists in the world.

5.    Together Good Co…. It’s About You.

It’s no coincidence that the word “Together” is in my company name. I truly do believe we are better together

Have you been curious about working backstage whether in television or events?

And you just have no idea where to start? Or what to even do to break into the industry?

Well, I’d love to meet you and get you started and on your way!

If that sounds like you, feel free to click here:

 Can’t wait to meet you!

FREEBIE! "Stay Positive Vol. 1" - Printables

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Working in the world of TV and Events is not for the faint of heart!

And if you’ve been a freelancer like me, you’ve needed some encouragement just about every step of the way.

It’s the little things.

The little things that refresh my heart and mind to keep going.

Something I started doing years ago in the celebrity dressing rooms that I prepared backstage:

I started framing images and graphic art work that would be meaningful -- like a breath of fresh air when they would step into their space.

And so, I wanted to share that type of experience with you.

10 free inspirational graphics that you can either frame or simply use as a screensaver to help stir joy, perseverance, or encouragement in your day:


To get your “Stay Positive Pack, Vol.1” freebie, you can click HERE.

My Top 7: “The Most Amazing Events” I’ve Ever Attended:

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It seems as though I was set up all along.

If you don’t know my story yet, here’s a sneak peek:

My Aunt Annie took me to my first concert when I was around 8 or 9 years old and I was absolutely HOOKED.

The lights, the stage, the performers, the ticket-takers. The whole experience left such an impression on me.

And now, decades later, I’ve worked in the world of entertainment and events for the majority of my life, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I’ve had the privilege and honor of attending events all over the world, and I wanted to share with you… the Top 7 events that have left a forever impact on me!

So let’s get into it!


#1 – Chaka Khan Concert in the Late 80s

Chaka Khan Concert - late 1980s – at the once historic Starlite Music Theatre in Latham, NY. 

I was around 8 or 9 years old. It was the first concert my Aunt Annie took me to. I literally could see the sweat on Chaka’s face and the beautiful glitter in her hair.

photo credit:  Sébastien Barré

photo credit: Sébastien Barré

One of the things I remember saying to my aunt was that I couldn’t wait to become an adult so that I could put glitter in my hair. Ha!

 I think that’s why I’ve kept the blonde streak in my hair for over 10 years!

But mostly, this show was magical and started me on my way when it came to live events!


#2 – B-Boy Summit

Have I told you how much I love all forms of dance?
Most of you know that I actually country line dance and two-step these days, but I grew up dancing all styles of dance from tap, to contemporary, to hip hop.

One of my favorite shows growing up was, “Soul Train”

Here’s a link for my international readers might not have had the chance to see this incredible show:


But yes, it was iconic!

All to say, I’ve always been surrounded by dance culture in some form or another.

After college, I discovered that the underground hip-hop culture was still thriving. Which meant--the dance forms that were birthed during the origins of hip hop were still being done, but by a new generation of dancers: Breakers, poppers, lockers, B-Girls, B-Boys, etc.

(For a little history:

B-Boy Summit was and still is an international event drawing in hip-hop dancers and dance crews from all over the world!

I can’t fully put into words what it was like to be in that space surrounded by such athletes. And yes, I call them athletes, because what they are able to do with their bodies is INSANE.

 I’ll NEVER forget my first year at B-Boy Summit. It was BEYOND.

And now, it’s such a treat to call many of those dancers that blew my mind all those years ago, friends.

#3 – Coachella

 I know. Before you roll your eyes, I wasn’t fully mesmerized about the hype of this ginormous music festival in the beginning either. But you know what I WAS about?

Seeing Prince from the FRONT ROW.

Yes. That Prince.



I went to Coachella back in 2008 and basically lived my best life.

This music festival was huge then, but now, it’s become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

#4 – Stagecoach

I can’t talk about Coachella and not mention my favorite country music festival: Stagecoach – the highest grossing country music festival in the world, and it happens to take place in my home state of beautiful Southern California—


Stagecoach actually takes places at the exact same location as Coachella, it’s just the weekend right after Coachella finishes.

To see country greats like Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Dwight Yoakam, Crystal Gayle, Tanya Tucker, as well as some newer names in the different genres of country music is always a treat.

Not to mention, I get to country line dance pretty much ALL DAY…

And don’t even get me started, when it comes to hearing live music from the front row, outside-- as the sweet California sun starts to set…. #BEAUTIFUL

#5 – David’s Tent - UK

 This incredible 3 day Christian music festival in England was like a dream come true for me--where my faith met with my love of music, and happened to be shared with thousands of people, singing praises and worship unto God. I’ve never experienced anything like it!

DT Image

And can I just say, I absolutely LOVE my British fam bam!

#6 – Q 85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones  

Okay. So I may have actually been working this televised event in Los Angeles, but I heard every performance at least twice (thank you rehearsals!) and then got to soak in the actual show from the backstage right wing. 

photo credit:

photo credit:

To see and hear musical giants live like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Patti Austin, & Brian McKnight was incredible!

As well as: Jacob Collier, Fantasia, Dave Chappelle, Oprah Winfrey, and 2016 Tony Award winner Cynthia Erivo!

Um. Mostly, I’ll never forget this show.

Also, who knew Quincy Jones practically produced the soundtrack of our lives for the past several decades!

#7 – The Lion King – The Musical

 I may have started crying within the first 10 minutes of this musical. Not. Even. Kidding.

I saw it with my family, when it first hit the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA in the early 2000s.


I simply was not prepared for the visuals and the live vocals.

It was stunning and all I ever hoped it to be.

And when I remember this event and the story it told, it still makes me want to live creatively, full of joy, and full of courage.

So tell me…Who or what event is in YOUR top 7 of all time?? Can’t wait to hear!

Mood: Floral

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Flowers play a big part in what we do here at Together Good Co.

I find that flowers not only brighten a dressing room space, but even a regular production office backstage at any event.

My favorite is when I see a beautiful and often unexpected floral arrangement sitting on the desk of a receptionist, as you enter a production office backstage. It just brightens the atmosphere and elevates the mood of everyone walking past it in the office.

So here’s some floral inspiration, to give you fuel for you day, no matter where you may be!

credit: sergey schmidt

credit: sergey schmidt

credit: leigh kendell

credit: leigh kendell

credit: annie spratt

credit: annie spratt

credit: zane lee

credit: zane lee

credit: caroline ingebrigtsen

credit: caroline ingebrigtsen

credit: annie spratt

credit: annie spratt

credit: lizzie on unsplash

credit: lizzie on unsplash

credit: christie kim

credit: christie kim

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I often post photos of my current floral inspiration (among other event related photos :)

But it’s true, I just love beautiful floral arrangements!

Want to see more floral arrangements and events that I love, click the button below:

Behind the Scenes: What I Actually *Do* in T.V. Production...

2 First TGC Blog Post copy.png

“So what exactly do you do in T.V. production? Like what does that mean? Production? Producer?”

 I get asked that question almost once a week, from all kinds of people.

It’s true, the word “Production” can have a wide variety of meanings across different genres of careers and businesses.

But in the world of entertainment, it’s best summed up as:

“The process of or financial and administrative management involved in making a movie, play, or record.”

(credit: Google Dictionary)


In simpler terms, it’s ‘how things get made’.

A majority of the “producing” I do in my world of T.V. production boils down to administration.  

I’m often referred to as a “Production Manager”. Which means, I may end up simply overseeing a specific department (celebrity dressing rooms) or a larger aspect of an entire television show or event.

So, if the end goal is to have an award show with 10 to 15 musical acts, there has to be some meticulous planning involved.

Someone has to book the venue, the crew, the performers, talk to the performer’s management, schedule meetings, oversee multiple departments, manage a very large budget, and just a few hundred other details…Ee!

And this is all considered a part of the term “Production” in my world.

I didn’t learn how to do this all at once—administrating the logistics for multiple departments in the entertainment industry, but accumulated the skillsets over a period of years.

Think of a wedding.

Now think of all the components it takes to create a successful wedding ‘event’.

·      Venue

·      Catering

·      Floral

·      DJ

·      Photographer

·      Officiant

·      Etc. :)


With an event such as a wedding, many opt to have an event/wedding planner overseeing all the administrative aspects of the event to make sure it all happens seamlessly, and without the bride and groom stressing over extra details on their special day.

Well, in my world of events and T.V. production- the premise is the same, to oversee, administrate, and streamline the planning and execution of a show. Often my televised events will be larger in scale compared to a wedding, but the end goal is the same: To have a memorable, impactful, and successful event.

But in essence, it’s still an event that needs to be planned and managed.

A great way to start to understand the workflow of working in T.V. and events, is to simply start interning and/or start with an entry level position, such as becoming a production assistant.

Years ago, someone took a chance on me and helped me enter this amazing world of entertainment. I had help when it came to figuring out the ‘lay of the land’, while also having plenty of opportunities to learn by trial and error amidst the successes. But wow, sooo many beautiful lessons learned. And now it’s my turn to give back!

Want to learn more about events and T.V. production? Or better yet, want to actually start working backstage at events in Los Angeles or even locally in your hometown?

Then you might want to join my online community here:


I’d love to meet you!


Fun little secret: It's actually easier than you think to start working in the world of entertainment and events....even locally. Specifically when you have the right advice, tips, and community with you each step of the way!

3 TIPS: How to Start Working Backstage in the Entertainment Industry

1 First TGC Blog Post.png

I often get asked: “Who’s the worst celebrity you’ve ever worked with backstage…??”

But the question I get asked, just as much as that is: “How did you actually get into that world of entertainment??”

I’ve loved sharing my journey with countless people across the nation-- about how I broke into the world of television production and events.  

I didn’t have a famous uncle or a special hook-up that put me on the fast track, but instead, through trial and error, and over a period of years, I was able to make a career out of working backstage in television and events.  

But now, my heart is to make the journey easier and a bit less complicated for those about to step into this field.

So here we go, My Top 3 Tips on How to Start Working Backstage in the Entertainment Industry!


1.    Know the Type of Events You Enjoy…

Yes. This is actually important.

Because if you don’t enjoy or have a genuine interest in the environment that you’ll be working in, your work ethic will be lackluster at best.

Not sure what events you love the most?

Here are some clues to help you find out:

What events do you look at the most on social media? Weddings, concerts, comedy shows, celebrity culture shows, award shows, sporting events etc.?

Or what are your current favorite television/streaming shows?

Now you don’t have to get “locked” into a particular type of event, but this just becomes a good starting point as you begin to pursue work in this field.


2.    Reach Out!

As you know, jobs rarely just land in your lap.

You’ll need to do a bit research.

Find at least 3 companies producing the type of event that you are into or are curious about.

Most TV production and event planning companies can be found with a quick and decent Google search.

After you’ve found your 3 companies, then it’s time to be Brave.

Be sure to have a solid resume ready to send along with a brief yet impactful email.

Pro Tip:  Ask if you can possibly intern or shadow a key employee for one of their upcoming events.

(To get a free email template for reaching out, click here!)


3.     Lastly, Have a Connection

I Knowww. But don’t roll your eyes or get discouraged just yet!

There’s some truth to the old saying,…. “It’s often about who you know…”

It is also abut WHAT you know as well. Make no mistake.

Being resourceful, smart, a problem solver, someone with kind manners, etc. will serve you quite well in the world of TV production and entertainment events.

I’m keenly aware that my entry into the world of entertainment became much easier, once I had a connection, mentor, and a personal guide helping to lead me each step of the way. Someone to warn me of the pitfalls and to also give me tried and true direction when the momentum began to build.

Now after my decade long journey in the world of entertainment, I have so much more knowledge than I once did, and tools of how to navigate the world of Entertainment & Events, and I’m excited to share them with you.

And with that said, YOU can consider ME your personal connection into the world of entertainment. YES. For Real :)

You no longer have to wait, while someone else gets another opportunity that you could have only dreamed of.

You don’t have to say….”Maybe someday”  Today can actually be the day!

So are you curious enough to try?

Ready to have a personal coach and guide into the world of entertainment and events?

If so, I’d love to be that motivating sister-friend for you!

To get connected to me and my monthly updates, pro-tips, and stories you can click here!

Talk Soon!


P.S. Oh, and nope, I’m not gonna tell you the worst celebrity I’ve worked with backstage….but I’m pretty sure you could guess…Ha!....