What IS a Celebrity Backstage Brand Manager?


How did you

find out about something new? Whether it was a new product, new music, or a new restaurant?

Back in the day, word-of-mouth, was the jam. But guess what, it still is…

Today, word-of-mouth marketing is finding its rhythm within social media.

Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers trust ‘recommendations’, also known as “earned media” from friends and family above any other form of advertising.

Coupled with the celebrity culture in social media, celebrities have now formed what I like to call their “virtual family and friends circle”.

When a particular celebrity/artist shares a brand, their ‘friends and family’ absolutely listen.  And whether it’s intentional or not, advertising has just taken place.

Advertising (A marketing technique that often involves a visual and/or audio form of story telling involving your brand) is still considered the best way to get people sincerely talking about your brand.

And that’s what you want! People seeing and engaging with your brand and sharing it with their trusted circle. Expanding your brand story and realm of influence.


3 Things I do as a Celebrity Backstage Brand Manager:

1.     Remember that meaningful component of advertising? Story. Ah yes. Especially on a social media platform (Instagram we see you!)

As a C.B.B.M. (which goes hand in hand with my services as a Celebrity Hospitality Specialist) I give your brand a rich story to share with a variety of your influence channels, especially but not limited to social media.

This happens through the entertainment events, and often, the celebrities I’m able to connect your brand with.  


2.    I give your brand backstage access at exclusive TV and entertainment events.

Because of my decade long relationships with producers and artists, they are expectant and excited to see what brand I’ll share with them next!

With me in your corner, and after understanding your brand story, you also get a trusted friend in the world of TV entertainment. One that is able to put your brand front of mind, to a variety of producers and celebrities. On a consistent basis.


3. And lastly, as a C.B.B.M., I help build “Positive Word-of-Mouth” for your brand.

To note, I have to be selective regarding the clientele that I represent.

I look for brands that are full of meaning, integrity, and joy.

They must be brands that I feel complete peace in getting behind, while creating this positive word-of-mouth.

And just like anyone else, when I’m passionate about a new brand and its story, I not only share it with the masses, and the entertainment influencers, but I also share it profusely with those in my inner circle, family friends, and community.

Because guess what. Word-of-mouth is still the jam.

In its bare bones, as a Celebrity Backstage Brand Manager (and Celebrity Hospitality Specialist), I increase a brand’s word of mouth buzz and create a far-reaching and engaging advertising story.

At the heart of it all--for me, it’s about sharing fun and profound brands and products with truly great friends.


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