Why I Love Being a Celebrity Hospitality Specialist.

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that title sounds so fancy – Ha! I mean, “Celebrity Hospitality” – I feel like one might picture red carpets, glitter, and big yachts.

And although I do love the finer things in life (Nooo, I don’t own a yacht or a ton of glitter.)  I’m also a laid back girl, who grew up in a small city. And being a celebrity hospitality specialist is less about the glitter and more about the “gold”….(Metaphorically speaking: the substance of why I do what I do. )

I grew up with a love of movies and television.  And I also loved the idea of what it meant to be “behind the scenes”. I was fascinated by it.

Alongside my intrigue of film, I also loved planning high school events with my closest friends.

My first event was our junior high winter banquet. You guys. This was a BIG DEAL.

And I’m happy to share with you that it was a beautiful success--Even if only 15 people showed up. (My class had less than 25 people…true story!)

But the thrill of figuring out a banquet theme, making  a space special, talking with vendors and going over food menus, and creating something very personal and special for each attendee was such LIFE to me.

I would later be on almost every committee involved in planning our high school special events from that moment forward.

As my love of film and television took off after high school, my efforts went towards directing, writing, and editing films at college and later graduate school.

It was during that time, that I was grateful for the remarkable opportunity to see incredible stories, to become a better storyteller,  and to truly understand the behind scenes process of making such beautiful art.

My last year of film school, I interned for a well known award show. And through this show, my eyes were opened to what was then a fairly new department and position on set: “Dressing room coordinating”.

Needles to say, after that experience I was hooked!

I love being a Celebrity Hospitality Specialist , mostly because of the hospitality.

Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.

And because of what I do, I get to create something special, something memorable for each of my celebrity performers. 

Just think, when you’re a performer on tour 300 days of the year, or have been filming movies for 8 months out of the year, you’re exhausted, and simply want a space where you can feel peace and at home, before you’re asked to show up and “wow everyone with your talents”.

By being a Celebrity Hospitality Specialist I have the privilege of bringing these celebs a little sense of home. And how special is that?

I also live by the motto, that everyone is a VIP, not just the celebrities that I have the honor of working with. 

What makes my job and position a literal high school dream come true for me, is that I get to do my job with an amazing team of people that are far more like family than co-workers.

Where we get to remind each other amid the celebrities we serve, that each of us is special, vital and worthy of celebration.

And to me, that’s what it’s all about.