How a "Backstreet Boy" Got Me Into the Entertainment Industry....

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“EveryBODAYYYYYYYY - yeahhhhhh!

Rock your BODAYYYYY - yeahhhhhh!

EveryBODAYYYYYYY - Rock. Your. Body. RIGHT.

Backstreet’s BACK, ALRIGHT!”

Tell me you aren’t humming that song now. If so, my job here is done.

Rewind to a teenage Patrice that finally found a boy band she could truly get behind and support. And more specifically, possibly her future husband.

These were lofty dreams for an 18 year old, but you know what—even then, I believed that nothing, seriously nothing was impossible.

Fast forward to an opportunity to see a live music television taping in Los Angeles, for a show called “Motown Live” - we somehow got a flier on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. The hook on the advert was that the “Backstreet Boys” might be at one of those tapings.

So my best friend and I went to this taping….a taping that would soon change my life.

I ended up asking a random camera man at this “Motown Live” taping how does one get to work backstage at a show like this? And he told me a real answer and a classic step I tell all those trying to break into my field to this day.

To note…the Backstreet Boys never ever appeared on that show.

But over 10 years later….yes TEN. YEARS. LATER….While working for the same production company that produced “Motown Live” all those years ago, I was finally able to hear the “Backstreet Boys” at a rehearsal and a live TV show taping (a TV show that I happened to be production managing) and meet the one-time love of my life, Kevin Richardson, as seen in the photo above.

So what’s the takeaway?

Well, I’m a firm believer that all things work together for good. Yes, even those random teenage crushes you might have had.

There may have been a hard lesson to learn with those experiences, OR like in my case, a door that was just waiting to be opened…

To learn more about that incredible tip the camera man told me all those years ago— the one thing that broke open the door for me to have a career in television production, feel free to join my online community:

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Also, fun side note: All my co-workers and bosses made sure I was front and center when “BSB” was doing their rehearsal. Literally one of the best moments of my life. Also, thank you Brian Littrell for the serenade. #WHATISLIFE