Behind the Scenes: What I Actually *Do* in T.V. Production...

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“So what exactly do you do in T.V. production? Like what does that mean? Production? Producer?”

 I get asked that question almost once a week, from all kinds of people.

It’s true, the word “Production” can have a wide variety of meanings across different genres of careers and businesses.

But in the world of entertainment, it’s best summed up as:

“The process of or financial and administrative management involved in making a movie, play, or record.”

(credit: Google Dictionary)


In simpler terms, it’s ‘how things get made’.

A majority of the “producing” I do in my world of T.V. production boils down to administration.  

I’m often referred to as a “Production Manager”. Which means, I may end up simply overseeing a specific department (celebrity dressing rooms) or a larger aspect of an entire television show or event.

So, if the end goal is to have an award show with 10 to 15 musical acts, there has to be some meticulous planning involved.

Someone has to book the venue, the crew, the performers, talk to the performer’s management, schedule meetings, oversee multiple departments, manage a very large budget, and just a few hundred other details…Ee!

And this is all considered a part of the term “Production” in my world.

I didn’t learn how to do this all at once—administrating the logistics for multiple departments in the entertainment industry, but accumulated the skillsets over a period of years.

Think of a wedding.

Now think of all the components it takes to create a successful wedding ‘event’.

·      Venue

·      Catering

·      Floral

·      DJ

·      Photographer

·      Officiant

·      Etc. :)


With an event such as a wedding, many opt to have an event/wedding planner overseeing all the administrative aspects of the event to make sure it all happens seamlessly, and without the bride and groom stressing over extra details on their special day.

Well, in my world of events and T.V. production- the premise is the same, to oversee, administrate, and streamline the planning and execution of a show. Often my televised events will be larger in scale compared to a wedding, but the end goal is the same: To have a memorable, impactful, and successful event.

But in essence, it’s still an event that needs to be planned and managed.

A great way to start to understand the workflow of working in T.V. and events, is to simply start interning and/or start with an entry level position, such as becoming a production assistant.

Years ago, someone took a chance on me and helped me enter this amazing world of entertainment. I had help when it came to figuring out the ‘lay of the land’, while also having plenty of opportunities to learn by trial and error amidst the successes. But wow, sooo many beautiful lessons learned. And now it’s my turn to give back!

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