FREEBIE! "Stay Positive Vol. 1" - Printables

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Working in the world of TV and Events is not for the faint of heart!

And if you’ve been a freelancer like me, you’ve needed some encouragement just about every step of the way.

It’s the little things.

The little things that refresh my heart and mind to keep going.

Something I started doing years ago in the celebrity dressing rooms that I prepared backstage:

I started framing images and graphic art work that would be meaningful -- like a breath of fresh air when they would step into their space.

And so, I wanted to share that type of experience with you.

10 free inspirational graphics that you can either frame or simply use as a screensaver to help stir joy, perseverance, or encouragement in your day:


To get your “Stay Positive Pack, Vol.1” freebie, you can click HERE.