5 Classic Ways To See (& Even Meet!) Celebrities in Hollywood

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I shouldn’t be telling you this.

Like I seriously shouldn’t be telling you this….

But before I started working in the world of television and events professionally, I was the girl who could ever so cleverly talk her way backstage.

We are talking about celebrity after-parties, exclusive galas, award shows, and private rehearsals.

So yes, I was able to see (and sometimes meet) just about every celebrity I could have ever dreamed of.

I know, it’s a gift.  But it’s one that I’m willing to share…

But before we go any further, let me clarify something for us when it comes to celebrity culture.

It wasn’t simply about chasing after famous people for me. Rather it was a fun and crazy adventure (with my college best friend- Hi Meghann!). But even deeper than that, it was a way to see and connect with the people, the artists, the dancers, and the performers who were inspiring me at the time and gave me fuel to pursue my own dreams.

Many of those, of whom I had the honor of meeting in person, left an incredible impression on my soul.

Little did I know that my fun adventures would lead me to a career in the world of entertainment!

And now, I get so much joy in seeing others meet the people that have moved them, inspired, encouraged them to keep going when the storms of life hit, or simply remind them of dreaming like a kid again.

So when you are standing face to face, with one of your heroes, just remember, they have a full backstory that you may not even be aware of in that moment.  Be kind and gracious. And let the impact of that moment hit your soul and inspire you to do something extraordinary with your life.

Fun freebie: Also remember, the ticket taker, the janitor, the backstage producer, etc. all deserve your kindness, not just your celebrity hero.

Trust me, the journey will be that much sweeter when you extend grace and compassion to all those around you in the journey.

Now, the tips I’m sharing below are all things I’ve actually done personally. So I’m not just telling you something abstract or theoretical, but something real, so handle with care and of course a hopeful and expectant heart.

And now, on to those…

5 Classic Ways to See (& Even Meet!) Celebrities in Hollywood:


1.     Go to “Live Events”!

In Hollywood and Los Angeles, there are a variety of “Live Events”: Movie Premieres, Award Shows, Theatre, Comedy Shows, Sporting Events, Red Carpets, TV Show Tapings, etc.

I find that live events, particularly concerts are a great way to meet your favorite music celebs.

My favorite thing about concerts: “Meet & Greet” & “VIP Packages

Do you know what those are? Oh, my goodness, they are so lovely!

A musician or music act will often hold a “Meet & Greet” before their concert., so you’ll have a chance to see, connect, and often take a photo with your favorites!

The next time you go to an event of your favorite performer (especially in Los Angeles), double check to see if they are doing a meet and greet package.

(*To note, these packages can get priceyyyy)


2.    Become a Seatfiller!

You know those fun and swanky award shows you see on TV or online (VMAs, BET Awards, Grammys, etc.)? Well they almost always have a live audience present to help fill in the seating gaps in an audience.

So you could literally be sitting next to your favorite celeb as well as enjoying a great show for free!

To become a Seatfiller while you’re in Los Angeles, click the link here:



3.    Join a Studio Audience for Free!

Oh my goodness, some of my happiest moments were bringing a group of friends and being a part of a live studio audience for a TV show that I loved watching or sitting in on a night time talk show, and seeing how things worked “backstage” and catching some very cool celeb interviews and funny opening monologues from the host.

Interested in being a part of a studio audience for Free.99…Click the link below:



4.    Rehearsals:

Before a concert or music festival starts, there are usually rehearsals that will take place at the venue earlier in the day or even days prior to the event day.

I often see countless fans lining up early in the day at a venue to try and get a glimpse of their favorite performer.

So depending on how dedicated you are…you could patiently wait near the venue to get a glimpse of your favorite celeb.

5.     Work Backstage at an Event or Your Local Event Venue:

 Every year, as April approaches in Southern California, I think of Coachella and Stagecoach- two of of the most popular music festivals in California. 

To give you an idea of how large these music festivals are:

Coachella in 2017 had an attendance of 250,000 people in 2017* over two consecutive weekends

Stagecoach, the largest and highest grossing country music festival in the world, had an attendance of 75,000 people**.

With attendance numbers like that, I also think of the hundreds of staff members (both temporary and permanent) it takes to make events like these successful.

Your city may not have large music festivals, but perhaps the next largest city next to your does.

Or perhaps your city has a performing arts theatre--Or another type of event venue.

Not only will you learn skills for working backstage and managing events, you might just meet the celebrity and upcoming talent of tomorrow.

And how cool is it to be a part of someone’s journey from the beginning?


Now Super Important & To Note:

If you do choose to start working in the world of events and entertainment, a high level of professionalism will be required of you (and in most cases, a background check). So no fan-girling and selfies of you with every celebrity you may come across. You’ll first be there to do a job and to do it well.

The above paragraph is my fun (yet serious) disclaimer to those of you who may be tempted to get weird with the advice I’ve shared in this post. *stares at you intently* - This post is not a means to cross respectful boundaries with celebrities, but rather to know and be honoring of any boundaries they might have in place, while allowing you some fun adventures in Hollywood.

And now that we have that out of the way! Keep me posted on any fun Los Angeles adventures you might have as a result of this blog post!


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Bonus: It’s always helpful to have a calendar of events, so you know what’s happening in LA or in your hometown: 1iota, Eventful, and Ticketmaster, all usually keep me up-to-date regarding the events happening in the Hollywood that I’m not actually working :)


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**Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagecoach_Festival#cite_note-4