Lifestyle: Where I Country Line Dance


I know.

I get asked a LOT about how I even got into country line dancing.

But I had a dad that loved John Wayne, NASCAR, rodeos, and all things country western.

It was almost inevitable that I would end up here. 

And at 4 years old, when I stepped foot into my first dance studio, I was completely hooked. Dancing would forever be a part of my heart and my life.

But it was my dad that had the most influence on me when it came to cowboy culture.

In fact, my dad bought me my first pair of cowboy boots.⠀

But I know what you’re thinkinggg….

But yassss, there were actually Black cowboys back in the day AND my dad was a fan of the present day @ComptonCowboys

Now, I frequent a variety of country dance halls in Southern California.

But where do I go mostly?

Well…the place where I truly learned to line dance and country two-step, and where you might just see my name written on a pair of jeans hanging on the wall (true story) is the Cowboy Palace Saloon about 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

 I know. The name is iconic.

 The people are one-of-a-kind.

 And the place holds so much history.

 You already know how much I love live music – heck, that’s why I’ve chosen a career that allows me to be surrounded by music almost on the daily.

With that said, the Cowboy Palace continues its tradition of featuring great live country music throughout the entire week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And on those days, there’s always folks on the dance floor.

To this day, I refer to this place as my second home—I’ve celebrated birthdays there, had major dance crushes, had my heart broken, overcame my fear of looking foolish, reconnected with my joy of dancing, and gained a whole new community of friends that feel more like a dance family.

If you’re ever in the L.A. area, I highly recommend you and a friend stop by the Cowboy Palace—and tell ‘em Patrice sent you!