Top 4 Backstage Requests...

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As you know, I’ve had the privilege of setting up hundreds and hundreds of celebrity dressing rooms and VIP spaces over the years.

From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder to Kanye to my beloved Backstreet Boys and so many other artists in between!

This was a niche that I never intended on making a career out of. But I had some amazing mentors along the way cheering me on, and I’ve been able to work consistently in this industry for over a decade!

Because of my interaction with so many different celebs, I often get asked, what do they ask for backstage and prefer, or who backstage has been my favorite celeb to work with?

Well first, let me answer the latter. My favorite celebrity to work with backstage…

As you know, Kindness is a main staple over here at Together Good Co. So any celebrity that I’ve worked with, that exudes kindness backstage will automatically become my current favorite.

But let’s talk about what celebrities and VIPs like backstage.

Over the years, there’s been a pattern that I’ve noticed.

The requests usually center around the same 4 things.

My Together Good Co. shoppers know…and now you’ll know too!


So here we go, the Top 4 Backstage Requests:


1.    High End Water

I know what you’re probably thinking. Water is water, Patrice.


Put it this way, all water is not manufactured equally. And with that said, be prepared to get a high end spring water or a water with a relatively high +pH balance…and if the water brand is eco-friendly, well you might have just hit the jackpot!

Water is always needed backstage for a variety of reasons. Whether that’s for normal consumption, to fill a hot-pot, to have near stage, to fill a humidifier, for a wardrobe steamer (distilled water to be specific) or so many other scenarios— especially if you’re talking about an event with multiple performers, artists, and crew.


2.    Towels

This may get overlooked, but especially if you have a performer, whether male of female, chances are they’ll make a request for at least 6-12 hand towels. Often “washedbefore being placed in their dressing room– Yes. This is a thing.

Brand new towels often shed, so artists and VIPs, will often preface that they want their towels washed before they go to use them in their dressing room spaces.


3.    Adult Beverages

Yep. Almost on every formal written celebrity request (also known as a “Rider”) that I’ve seen, there’s been some type of beer, wine, or hard liquor.

So when you’re managing an event or show, be prepared to carve out a decent budget for these costlier hospitality items.


4.    Platters

Across all genres of artists, performers, corporate executives, and VIPs, there has almost always been a request for one of the following:

1.     Fruit Platter

2.     Veggie Platter

3.     Cheese Platter

4.     Deli/Meat Platter


Want to get more insider tips and see examples of dressing rooms  & VIP spaces prepared for a celebrity backstage?

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