Walkie Talkies: How We Communicate in T.V. Production & Events

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Walkie Talkie: “A portable 2-way radio” – Google dictionary


This is a true story …I put on my Christmas list as a young girl:

 “Walkie Talkies” 

And wouldn’t you know it, my parents actually got me a walkie-talkie set!

I was in 7th heaven!

I couldn’t explain to you where my obsession with walkie talkies came from at the time, but little did I know that I would spend the entirety of my adult career with a walkie talkie in my hand! So crazy!

It’s one of the SURE things you’ll find backstage on a T.V. set and any large scale event.

Each department working backstage, spread over a large space, needs a quick and concise way to communicate with the other people in their department and across other departments. And walkie talkies get the job done.

 Example walkie channels:

·      Production

·      Security

·      Open

·      Staging

·      Lighting

·      Talent

·      Dressing Rooms

·      EMT

If you are planning a large event, look into some local vendors that are able to rent you a walkie talkie package. Be sure to let them know your rental dates, venue, how many staff members will need a walkie, and how many headsets or earpieces you may need to accompany the walkies.

And if you are new to the whole TV production and events world, and you’re not quite sure what to do with a walkie talkie when it’s in your hand, you may want to download my free go-to walkie talkie-guide!

To download my easy pro-tip walkie guide--that will have you communicating clearly and efficiently in the midst of almost any crazy event, click below: